The DIY Platform for Maximising Your Super & Planning Your Own Retirement

“Once I found the SuperGuy HUB, I found everything was there that I needed.”

Desley Banks

“It’s a fantastic tool, it’s wonderful, well thought out and well explained.”

Garry Mogg

“If you are looking for clarity on superannuation then I would recommend that you join the SuperGuy Hub.”

Dilip Nellikat


Most people who try to manage their own super and retirement plan make at least one costly mistake at some point.   The result? They end up working longer or settling for a lower than desired retirement income – or both!

Even if you think you’re on the right track, there’s plenty of opportunities you’re probably missing out on to get more out of your super, so you can retire sooner and with more.

The problem is…

You want to start planning your retirement, but the system is complex, ever-changing and difficult to comprehend.

You may have been scouring the internet and forums for information about super, pensions and retirement planning. You know all the pieces, but you just don’t know how to put the puzzle together.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. 

Let me introduce the SuperGuy HUB – The DIY platform for maximising your super & planning your own retirement.

Everything You Need to Maximise Your Super & Build Your Retirement Plan With Confidence

5+ hours video training

Over-the-shoulder video guidance to walk you through different aspects of your retirement plan, including retirement income streams and proven, best-practice strategies for your superannuation, investments, tax and more..

Tools and checklists

You get access to all my proprietary checklists, tools and tutorials to help you simplify and understand your financial situation. I’ll also share snapshots of real-life case studies to show you how these strategies can apply to your own retirement plan.

Fresh and up-to-date

Expect to see new video content added to the HUB regularly, so you’ll always have the latest and best information on hand. As a HUB member, you will also be the first to know of any super and retirement planning updates, as they happen.

About me

Who is Chris Strano - aka SuperGuy?

With 15+ years of financial planning knowledge, I have a wealth of first-hand experience helping clients across Australia make smart choices with their money. Most of my career has been focused on advice to pre and post-retirees. My expertise is retirement planning with a passion for figuring out the best ways to navigate through the rules to help people build their super savings. The SuperGuy HUB includes all my knowledge to help the next batch of pre-retirees navigate through their final working years and put in place their own retirement plan.

What's Included?

As soon as you join, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the entire SuperGuy HUB platform: Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital so you can log in to access the content + download all your extra bonuses and resources).


Superannuation Video Series

Tutorials, strategies and explanations relating to the accumulation phase of superannuation in short-video format. With new videos added regularly, this range of continuous content will give you the confidence to manage your own super with ease.

Topics include:

✔️ How Much Can I Contribute To Super Each Year?
✔️ Are My Super Fund Fees Too High?
✔️ Risks Of Rolling Over My Super
and more…

Retirement (Pension) Video Series

Tutorials, strategies and explanations relating to the pension (drawdown) phase of superannuation in short-video format. With new videos added regularly, you’ll have all the tools necessary to understand the rules, assess your options and plan your own retirement.

Topics include:

✔️ How A Transition to Retirement Pension Can Reduce Tax
✔️ Types of Retirement Income Streams
✔️ How Is My Pension Assessed For Centrelink?
and more…

Super Tax Video Series

Tax within superannuation can be complex. The Super Tax Video series provides visual explanations of the types of taxes within super and the application of taxes under various scenarios, plus strategies to minimise tax to make your retirement funds last longer.

Topics include:

✔️ Tax on Lump Sum Super Withdrawals
✔️ Tax on Pension Income
✔️ Understanding Tax Components Within Super
and more…

SMSF Video Series

Learn all you need to know about setting up, running and maintaining a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, including various strategies, types of investments and purchasing property. Whether you’re considering setting up a SMSF or already have one, this series will teach you plenty of essentials that you don’t already know.

Topics include:

✔️ Do I Need a SMSF Investment Strategy?
✔️ What is a SMSF Trust Deed?
✔️ Can I Buy Residential Property Within a SMSF?
and more…

Investment Video Series

A range of videos giving you an understanding of the investments available to you within super, as well as various investment strategies, philosophies and practical guides, so you can take control of your retirement portfolio.

Topics include:

✔️ Where Can I Invest My Super?
✔️ When Should I Change My Super to Cash?
✔️ Active vs Index Investment Options
and more…

Latest Updates Video Series

Superannuation rules are constantly changing and temporary provisions are often put in place. The latest update video series keeps you up to speed with all the latest changes, so you can see how the changes might apply to your situation and then make any adjustments to your strategy as you see fit.

"Some strategies will save you thousands of dollars or more"

- Thisbe Battams​


"You have done a great job and the course should be compulsory"

- Chris Eyles


New Content & Updates Added Regularly

Superannuation rules change all the time.

This means, what worked 6 months ago, may not work today. The SuperGuy HUB is constantly updated so you are never caught on the back-foot.

If anything changes in the Super world, the HUB will be updated to reflect this.

I will remove the retirement strategies that no longer work and replace them with current and powerful strategies to help you achieve your goals.

With the SuperGuy HUB:

✔️ You will always know what works
✔️ You won’t waste your time on outdated information
✔️ You will get the latest and most effective retirement strategies

Whether it’s a small change or a huge change – you get access to all the updates and additional content, at no extra cost. It’s the investment that keeps on giving.


Membership to the HUB will not only give you instant access to all of my video training, but also to these exclusive bonuses:

BONUS 1 - VALUE $699

Super & Retirement Calculators MasterClass

Learn when you can retire, how much you need to retire, and how long your funds will last. Make the most of all the calculators available to you with my over-the-shoulder tutorials. I will walk you through how to best use a range of calculators for your super and retirement planning. Plus, I’ll share the 3 things you can do to make sure you reach your retirement goals.

BONUS 2 - VALUE $149

Ultimate SuperHealth Checklist

A step-by-step guide to help you perform a vital health-check on your super, identify areas that need attention, and instructions on how to make changes. This SuperGuy proprietary checklist will help you ensure your super is more aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve.

BONUS 3 - VALUE $199

Case Study Snapshots

Get a sneak-peek into how others are managing their retirement! These real-life case study snapshots in bite-sized chunks, are designed to inspire you to think about how you might be able to apply strategies to your situation and maximise your own retirement.

"If you're thinking about joining the SuperGuy HUB, I highly recommend it."
Carole Bonerole
"I found the SuperGuy HUB to be very informative, covering all aspects of superannuation and retirement."
Dragan Velickovski

Total Value of the

SuperGuy HUB

✅ Super Guy HUB Core Training (5hrs+ video content) ($1,499 Value) 

–  SuperGuy’s Super Video Series

– SuperGuy’s Retirement Video Series

– SuperGuy’s Super Tax Video Series

– SuperGuy’s SMSF Video Series

– SuperGuy’s Super Investment Video Series

– SuperGuy’s Latest Super Changes Video Series

✅ Super & Retirement Calculators MasterClass ($699 Value) 

✅ Ultimate SuperHealth Checklist ($149 Value) 

✅ Case Study Snapshots ($199 Value)

Total value: $2,546

Lifetime access for only: $2,546 $499


Instant LIFETIME access to the SuperGuy HUB: $2,546 $499

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Still unsure? How about if I offer you an unconditional 30-day guarantee? If you can honestly say that you did not get the value you expected from the SuperGuy HUB – we will gladly refund your purchase. No hard feelings. Simply let us know within the first 30 days of your purchase.

What others are saying about the SuperGuy HUB

“It’s a real eye-opener, it’s fantastic!”

“I really love the videos, the calculators and the checklists”

I highly recommend the SuperGuy HUB for anyone thinking about joining it”

“I wish I had found the SuperGuy HUB 12 months ago”

“Now I have all the information I need in one place. Thank you!”

“It’s helped make my decisions on where I’m going to invest my superannuation”

“I highly recommend it”

Chris’ information is very clear and it’s a very well organised site with the videos and the other tools available.”

“SuperGuy HUB gave me a better overall picture of what I need to do for super”

“I would recommend that you join the SuperGuy Hub”

“Every video has been recorded in a simple manner and chris has explained it with lots of examples”

“The SuperGuy HUB Is perfect for the layman”



I will continue to add more content, material and information to the SuperGuy HUB. As the HUB increases in size and value, I will need to starting charge more for it.

This means.. the price you see today is the best you will ever get! So don’t delay – sign up today and lock in your membership at the current price.

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